This Place…

Hi all,

Here is a new song… it’s called THIS PLACE and it’s a song about falling outta love with a place that you’re in… it used to be everything to you, but the closer you look, the more you see the cracks, the more you see the problems…

Anyway, I wrote some of it a while back, with the help of my Dad actually, ol’ Tim wrote the lyrics, ‘This place, used to be a nice place, but it’s not a nice place anymore… the fairground’s all closed up, there’s tramps asleep in spinning tea cups…’ I loved them so much, but couldn’t find a way to use them… until one day, it just clicked. So, thank you Daddyio for the inspiration.

Anyway, the song turned into a two part song – and I soon realised I needed another singer. Last August, Lauren Lind walked into my life. Sitting next to me at work, I couldn’t help but hear her mean versions of ‘Against All Odds, the sax version’ or her soon to be number one original ‘Champagne Problems, and Caviar Dreams’… seriously, her lovely, crystal clear voice was calling to me… We’ve gigged a few times, but as she’s going back to Austin this week, we’re going to have to continue our musical venture, via Skype. Lauren, thank you… I will really miss you, you have become a great great friend. Oh, and please excuse the office attire/sirens etc..!

Enjoy all!

Thanks to Matt S for filming x

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